What are Probiotics?

Updated: Mar 30

Probiotics help to restore intestinal microflora, which improves the digestive process and consequently improves the function of the immune system.

Probiotics are therefore not only excellent means of restoring the bacterial microflora but also a significant help in the promotion of immunity. Non functional immune processes may be caused by different susceptibilities to allergies, infectious diseases, skin problems, poor absorption of medications or other diseases. By regulating bacterial colonisation of the large intestine, probiotics also prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and yeasts.

An important part of our defence system is also the digestive tract. However, we often underestimate its role. Not only food digestion but also many other functions happen in the intestine. Intestines are very important in creating a real defence line against external influences. The intestinal microflora, intestinal mucosa, and immune system participate in the bowel defence function.

In addition to immune support, among the most important positive effects of the probiotics is that the probiotics increase resistance to diarrhoea diseases and reduce the activity of potentially dangerous substances in the large intestine that can cause poor digestion.

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